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Cross of Grace Women

Cross of Grace Women

Our womens ministry exists to help women at Cross of Grace disciple, and be discipled by, other women.


The ministry serves women in two main ways:

  • First, we provide corporate events to gather and equip all the ladies at the church. We usually hold a major corporate gathering every winter, spring, and fall with a few smaller events sprinkled in. These include our Annual Women's Winter Brunch in February, a special women's event in the spring and our annual Coffee Kickoff Event in the fall. Note: Due to the current Covid 19 situation and restrictions, these events are currently on hold, but we hope to resume our events as soon as we are able!
  • Second, we facilitate small group Bible studies among the women at the church. These usually run during our Community Group semesters in the fall and spring and are held at various times throughout the week. Note: Due to the current Covid 19 situation and restrictions, we will not be offering any studies this fall, but we want to encourage every woman to get connected to a Community Group where you can stay connected with other women from the church and continue to grow in your faith.

Here's what we have this Fall:

  • Women's Mentorship Program - September through December - As we walk the path of life and seek to follow Jesus we all need people to walk with us. Mentorship is an opportunity to learn from someone who may be a bit further down the road of life in specific areas. It's an opportunity to find encouragement, support, and practical guidance. It can be targeted to specific topics like work, marriage, or parenting. But it's always centered around the Bible and our faith in Jesus. 
    • What mentorship is:
      • Sharing struggles and finding encouragement
      • Learning from someone else's life experience
      • A specific commitment to a regular call or meeting
      • A commitment for a specific length of time 
    • What mentorship is not:
      • Specific counseling for a major life issue
      • A casual commitment without specifics 
      • A replacement for Sunday services or Community Group
    • Update: Praise the Lord! All of our spots for mentorship this fall have been filled! Our hope is to open up sign-ups again in January so if you weren't able to get connected this fall please try again in the new year. 

Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram under "Cross of Grace Women" to stay up to date on all that's happening and coming up!


Have further questions about our Women's Ministry? Send us an email!