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Cross of Grace Women

Cross of Grace Women

Our womens ministry exists to help women at Cross of Grace disciple, and be discipled by, other women.

The ministry serves women in two main ways:

  • First, we provide corporate events to gather and equip all the ladies at the church. We usually hold a major corporate gathering every winter, spring, and fall with a few smaller events sprinkled in. These include our Annual Women's Winter Brunch in February, a special women's event in the spring and our annual Coffee Kickoff Event in the fall. 
  • Second, we facilitate small group Bible studies among the women at the church. These usually run during our Community Group semesters in the fall and spring and are held in various locations around town. Check out this semester's Bible study below!


This semester our ladies will be studying the Gospel of Matthew! David Platt describes Matthew this way, “The book of Matthew is a Gospel, an account of good news. That point may sound obvious, but we can’t overlook it as we consider this first book of the New Testament. “Gospel” literally means “good news”, and Matthew’s purpose in this book is to write an account of the good news of Jesus Christ—how Jesus came, what Jesus did, what Jesus said, and what Jesus accomplished in His death and resurrection. These truths are intended to change our lives and the entire world.”

This semester we will cover the first 13 chapters of Matthew using a video series by Jen Wilkin. We will study...

  • What God’s purpose was in sending His Son, Jesus Christ, to earth
  • The birth of the long-awaited Messiah to the sending out of the Twelve Disciples
  • How Jesus is the fulfillment of God’s promises to His people and how He came to establish God’s kingdom on earth

We also have a group for busy moms who find it difficult to come to a meeting. This group will meet in a Facebook group chat and have 2 to 3 times of gathering for the little ones to play while the moms have fellowship. This group will be using the Matthew material, as well as the book Risen Motherhood

Groups are scheduled to start the week of February 24 and run through the beginning of April. To get connected to a group, please visit the Information Table on Sunday or email Lisa Wilkins who oversees our Women's studies. 

Here is a list of this semester's available groups:


  • Bennett (Risen Motherhood & Matthew) - Facebook group


  • Rueda (79911): Tuesday mornings at 9:30am
  • Alcantar (79911): Thursday mornings at 9:30am
  • Mosely (79912): 1st & 3rd Thursday evenings at 6:30pm


  • Baeza (79925): Wednesday mornings at 10:00am
  • Wicker (79936): Thursday evenings at 7:00pm

Fort Bliss

  • Mummert (79906): Monday mornings at 9:00am

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If you're new to Cross of Grace and want to know more about our Women's Ministry, we invite you to listen to the audio recordings from two of our biggest events below. These are foundational teachings that will not only equip you as a woman but give you more insight into our Women's Ministry. 

spirit LED blog

Living Under the Authority of Scripture - Session 1

Living Under the Authority of Scripture - Session 2



The Image of God and the Woman of God by Pastor Ricky

Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram under "Cross of Grace Women"!

Have further questions about our Women's Ministry? Send us an email!