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Walking into the Wilderness

Walking into the Wilderness

God has a purpose and plan for us in this season. 


Into the Wilderness: Part 1

 Into the Wilderness: Part 2

Into the Wilderness: Part 3

Next Steps: Be connected to what God is doing

Community Groups: Be connected to a small group in your area

Other than our Sunday Gathering, Community Group meetings are the most important thing we do. Why? Because our mission is to make disciples of Jesus and a key part of discipleship is fellowship and community with other believers.

We currently have 14 groups that meet throughout the city and throughout the week. To get connected to a group, fill out our Community Group Interest Form and we'll gladly help you get connected. 

Mentorship: Find one on one encouragement and relationship

As we walk the path of life and seek to follow Jesus we all need people to walk with us. Mentorship is an opportunity to learn from someone who may be a bit further down the road of life in specific areas. It's an opportunity to find encouragement, support, and practical guidance. It can be targeted to specific topics like work, marriage, or parenting. But it's always centered around the Bible and our faith in Jesus. 

What mentorship is

  • Sharing struggles and finding encouragement
  • Learning from someone else's life experience
  • A specific commitment to a regular call or meeting
  • A commitment for a specific length of time 

What mentorship is not

  • Specific counseling for a major life issue
  • A casual commitment without specifics 
  • A replacement for Sunday services or Community Group

For Women's Mentorship, sign up HERE

For Men's Mentorship, sign up HERE


Into The Wilderness 6-Day Devotional: Finding the path of the wilderness in Scripture

2020 feels a little like a wilderness. If you were to pull out a dictionary and read some of the definitions they’d certainly fit: 

  • “an uncultivated, uninhabited...region” -- We’ve certainly gone from what is familiar and orderly to what feels disorderly. 
  • “an inhospitable...region” -- There are new and unique dangers or hardships we’ve experienced.
  • “a...pathless area or region” -- There seems to be little precedent for what we’re experiencing or the best path forward.

Everyone has their own experience during this pandemic season, and some may feel this more than others. But to one degree or another, we all feel that this year has become a little less cultivated, a little more inhospitable. And we’re all wondering where to find the path through this season. 

The good news is that there is a well-worn path: the path of the wilderness in Scripture. 

In Scripture we see plenty of wilderness: Abraham wanders through wilderness, God’s people spend 40 years in the wilderness, David is often on the run in the wilderness, Elijah flees to the wilderness, Jesus spends 40 days in the wilderness, Paul spends three years there. But through all of those seasons, God works in his people for their good and his glory. In fact, we often see God doing unique and amazing things through time in the wilderness. 

This year as a church we believe that God has a purpose and plan for us even in the wilderness. This year may not be what we expected or what we hoped it would be. But it can be a good year as we trace this path together. 

Day 1: The Wilderness is Not Where We're Meant to Be

Day 2: The Wilderness is Where God Meets Us

Day 3: The Wilderness is Where God Transforms His People

Day 4: The Wilderness is Where God Teaches Us to Trust His Sustaining Grace

Day 5: The Wilderness is Where God Refines Us and Purifies Us

Day 6: The Wilderness is Where God Prepares Us