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Who Are We?

Cross of Grace Church is made up of ordinary people whose lives have been changed by encountering Jesus and who now live to follow him. We believe the good news of Jesus is always better news than we think. 

Our vision: We long to see gospel renewal in the city of El Paso, and through it, the world

Our mission: We want to pursue this vision by making disciples of Jesus who follow him in every area of life, live as a family, and witness to the world 

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We're a diverse church made of El Paso natives and folks from across the US and Mexico. We have longtime members and folks who just started attending a few weeks ago. We have military families, med students, and people from all sides of town. We have kids in the nursery, singles, young marrieds, parents and youth, and retirees who have walked with Jesus for years. 

Our Life

Our church life is built around two main things: Our Sunday gathering and our Community Groups. Sunday is when we gather to worship and be equipped, then we're sent out to many distinct and unique parts of the city where we're part of a Community Group. We believe this reflects what we see in the early church in Acts 2 –– Gathering together, then scattering for mission. Beyond these two things we also provide some specific ministries to equip disciples.

Our Story

In the late 1970s God began to radically save people in the El Paso area with the gospel of Jesus and to renew longtime Christians through the power of His Spirit. God gathered many of these new and renewed believers together to form a church founded a simple passion: to see the message of Jesus proclaimed in the power of the Spirit.

Over the decades that followed the church's passion to see the gospel proclaimed led it to sow out pastors and leaders to plant or build churches in Phoenix, Canada, Jacksonville, and Dallas. In El Paso people came to know Christ, families were built, and lives transformed. The church changed names twice (from Church of the Covenant to Vista New Life Church, then to Cross of Grace Church) but its message was the same.

Around 2010 God began a revitalizing work in the church, renewing its vision to see the gospel proclaimed in El Paso. A conviction that God desired the church to grow in its passion for mission, as well as repentance and change in many areas, led to new life and new passion. While many of our structures and ministries changed, our core convictions stayed the same.

The story of Cross of Grace Church is far from over and we believe God has called us to a renewed passion to plant churches and make disciples with the gospel of Jesus in the Paso del Norte region and beyond.