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Serve the City

Serve the City

A. W. Tozer has said, "A scared world needs a fearless church." Right now the world is scared. We are facing a pandemic many are calling a once in a century pandemic, economic and societal uncertainty, and the possibility of no end of the measures which combat the one and cause the other. Now is the time for us to be fearless. Now is the time to reach out to a scared world with the hope we have in Jesus. Now is the time to serve, as we have been served. This can take on many different forms, here are a few suggestions:

Check-in on your neighbors if you are going to the store. They may be old or more vulnerable regarding respiratory issues, so give some space between the door and you when they answer. However, if you are venturing out, ask if they need something. This is easy and takes next to no effort on your part.

El Pasoans Fighting Hunger

In need of volunteers to help with food distributions. This service provides food to people who are faced with food uncertainty, which may be exacerbated by hours beings curtailed and businesses being shuttered.

Mustard Seed Cafe

Looking for volunteers to help hand out free meals for their curbside pickup program. This is considered an essential function since it is providing food.

Give blood at Vitalant

They are going through a blood shortage, and need blood donations.

El Paso Community Foundation Facemask Fund

The El Paso Community Foundation has started a COVID 19 Fund to pay for Facemasks that are needed for the El Paso Healthcare community.  The need is for 45,000 facemasks and the El Paso Community Foundation will match donations dollar for dollar to pay for these facemasks.  
Joe Alcantar is a board member of the El Paso Community Foundation and is working with a supplier to help obtain and ship these facemasks to El Paso.  Please consider a donation and please pray that we are able to secure these very badly needed facemasks for our El Paso Healthcare providers. 
Donate to the Facemask Fund by clicking HERE
To learn about all the ways the El Paso Community Fund is helping during the pandemic, you can click HERE
If you have any questions please contact Joe Alcantar
Here is a link to a great blog by Jim Donohue, a pastor at Covenant Fellowship Church in Glen Mills, PA. He has some great ideas about how to reach out in this time of staying in.