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Jesus has gifted each person with unique gifts and talents. We want to connect people to meaningful places to make a difference in their church, city, and world. 

Serving in the Church

The church is the heart of how Christians grow in their walk with Jesus. Through the church Christians can receive counsel, encouragement, a warm welcome, and practical help. Serving opportunities include: 


Hospitality team members greet people, serve up coffee, and create a welcoming and friendly environment on Sundays.

"I want to serve the Lord, serve people, and also get to know more people in the church." - Eileen L. 

"I serve on Sundays because I enjoy serving others and being the hands of Christ in the world." - Christoper H.

"I serve on Sundays because I love experiencing my church family together, in fellowship." - Samantha G.

Worship and Production

Worship and Production team members mix audio, record video, and bring the message of the church to the airwaves, internet, and auditorium. To apply to be a part of our worship team please complete our Worship Team Application.

"I love serving because I'm reminded through serving that all that we are is for His glory and for the benefit of the church." - Amy J.

"I have always loved being behind the productions that glorify the Lord and uplift our church family's hearts and minds." - Jenn A.

"I love video production and I love that it serves as an outlet to share the gospel to people beyond El Paso." - Edwin C.

Kids Ministry

Kids ministry members help kids check-in, teach engaging lessons, and ensure safety for our nursery through elementary programs.

"I enjoy serving in kids ministry because it allows me to connect with the youngest of our church and teach them about Jesus' great love for us that has been such a blessing to my own personal life." - Eloise G.

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Serving in the City and World 

We’re called to love our neighbors both inside and outside the church, pointing to the good news of Jesus as we serve others. As people receive practical help and the gospel message we can make a major impact on the city and world around us. Serving opportunities include: 

  • Neighborhood team members cut grass for those with disabilities, check-in on the elderly, and practically serve the church neighborhood
  • Evangelism team members share the good news with those who have questions about life 

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