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The Image of God and the Woman of God

November 18, 2017 Speaker: Ricky Alcantar Series: The Image of God and the Woman of God

Topic: Biblical Womanhood

We live in a world where women receive so many contradictory messages about where to find their source of identity and their pattern for womanhood. Social media posts say one thing, popular TV shows say another, and our childhood home may have said something else altogether. But there's hope and help because the Bible brings a startling, powerful, hopeful clarity on this topic. 

Some questions and issues covered are:

  • Where can women find a safe and secure source of identity in this broken world? 
  • Does the Bible teach that women are, or should be, different from men? 
  • What does the Bible say about "submission"? Do women submit to men? 
  • How do women uniquely display the image of God?