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Philosophy of Kids Ministry


Our theology of Kids Ministry is derived from and directly tied to Scripture. Our philosophy of Kids Ministry is an attempt to enumerate conclusions drawn from our theology, that will, in turn, inform our methodology of Kids Ministry.

Our theological commitment that all Ministry in the church has a specific purpose: discipleship and equipping means that our philosophy will be in those directions. This means that no ministry exists in and of itself, nor does it exist for its own sake – there is a reason and purpose for each Ministry. Kids Ministry does not exist because of a cultural demand; it does not exist because parents need a children's Ministry; it does not exist because kids need something fun to do during Sunday service. Kids Ministry exists to disciple our children, and to equip parents to disciple them as well, this for God's glory and our joy.

Based on our theological commitments, Kids Ministry exists to prepare and train children to be lifelong followers of Christ, trusting in his atoning sacrifice, serving in the church faithfully, and eagerly evangelizing the people the Lord has put around them. Our faithful work in Kids Ministry is preparing and laying a foundation for work that is yet to come. We are building children into Christ, into their parents, and into the church. Therefore, our Kids Ministry should be Christ-centered, parent involvement, and church-based.