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The Men’s Ministry exists to supplement and support the vision and goals of Cross of Grace Church. These are broken down into three areas: Jesus, Family and Mission.

Men are naturally tempted to be more individualistic and not identify the need they have to be challenged in their own personal relationship with the Lord as men. Men are called to first lead themselves in their relationship with the Lord and their development of loving Jesus first and foremost. Then they are called to lead their wife, if married, and children. The next area where men are called to lead is in their work. This area is where men frankly spend most of their time so the challenge is to help men connect the gospel truth they are hearing on Sunday mornings and at Community Groups.

The Men’s Ministry seeks to help men learn how to incorporate the gospel in all three areas of their lives through teaching specifically geared towards men in order to equip them. Our meetings seek to encourage men as well as address the unique challenges that men face through biblical teaching and testimonies. Events are also planned that would draw men together to have times of refreshing.

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