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Members Update

At the beginning of the Fall season every year we do a Members Meeting at our church. This year, that's a little harder to pull off (especially the free pizza for all!) so we've gone digital with our members meeting updates. 

This is a strange season but we know one thing: God is still at work in us and our church body, for our good. While at times it might feel like we're in the wilderness we know God meets his people in the wilderness and transforms them there. We are already seeing some of the good things God is doing in our church body and I hope you'll get a glimpse of that as you watch these updates. 

Please take a few minutes to watch through the updates. Then pause for a moment with us and pray over these things, asking God to work in each ministry and church area. And last, reach out to us with any questions. We'd love to help however we can. 

I'm trusting that we'll have many more pizza party members meetings ahead of us as a church. But until then, let's pray that the Lord meet and sustain us. 

Community Group Update

Kids Ministry Update

Mens Ministry Update 

Youth Ministry Update