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Book of Mark Resources

The Gospels are rich documents. They are filled with many details that we can't talk about as we go through our preaching series on the Gospel of Mark, Jesus Movement. Because of this, we are providing this page to help you understand the Gospel of Mark better. On this page, you will find resources on the background information of the gospel of Mark, brief surveys of the themes in Mark, and other topics. 

What's the purpose of Mark?

When Mark wrote his Gospel, he did not simply write a compilation of his favorite Jesus stories. He wrote with an intended purpose. He wanted to show who Jesus truly is. 


You can read the transcript of the video HERE

What's the theme of Mark? 

In Mark, the theme of the cost of following Jesus shows up everywhere. Mark tells us that being a disciple of Jesus will come at a high cost but the reward is so much greater. 

Who wrote Mark?

The story of the gospel writer Mark is truly remarkable. In it, we see a glorious picture of the reconciling power of the gospel. Discover who Mark is in this video. 

How reliable are the Gospels?

The Gospels are at the very center of the Christian faith. However, can we trust them as historical documents? Here are a few reasons why we can trust the Gospels as historical documents.