We have answered a few frequently asked questions regarding our services. 



Safety Principles

What biblical principles will we use to govern our safety policies as a church? 

We use six biblical principles in governing our safety policies.

  • Love for God by Commitment to Gather for Worship
  • Love for God by Living Under the Lordship of Christ
  • Love for God by Commitment to Obey God-Given Authority
  • Love for Neighbor by Caring for Our Neighbor's Life and Safety
  • Love for Neighbor by Pursuing Sacrificial Unity
  • Love for Neighbor by Practicing Hospitality
  • Love for Neighbor by Caring for the Vulnerable 

You can find them in detail here. 

Who sets the specific policies for the church? 

Our staff safety team as described here


Safety Procedures

Who are we asking not attend our in-person services and instead participate online? 

We ask that anyone exhibiting any symptoms of sickness or COVID-19 within the preceding 72 hours before our services not attend. These symptoms include, but are not limited to:

Additionally, anyone who has been exposed to a confirmed case of COVID-19 should not attend for 10 days after the exposure. 

What safety procedures are in place?

We are committed to fulfilling any legal requirements for churches from the city, state, or national governments. 

Our safety procedures include:

  • Requiring any volunteers interacting directly with people, or who may come into proximity with people, to practice good sanitization procedures 
  • High safety standards for our kids ministry 
  • Thorough cleaning of the facility before Sunday services 

The wearing of a facemask will now no longer be required at all services at Cross of Grace Church. You can of course still wear a facemask if you desire to but it will no longer be our policy to require the wearing of a facemask at church services or Children’s Ministry.

We still want to provide a place where everyone can feel safe, but each person will need to make decisions for themselves about what they are comfortable with rather than relying on our church policies to provide that.  

Will the church require social distancing? 

Going forward we will let each person decide what they are comfortable with. This will require all of us to be sensitive to those who might still want that kind of space, and if we’re not sure, to ask people before sitting down next to them or speaking with them face to face.


Are masks encouraged or required? 

The wearing of a facemask will now no longer be required at all services at Cross of Grace Church. You can of course still wear a facemask if you desire to but it will no longer be our policy to require the wearing of a facemask at church services or Children’s Ministry.

In both of our services, we are designating the Connect Room as the area where people who want to wear facemasks during the entire service, can sit and be socially distanced from one another.  

What if I can't attend a service right now based on the above information? 

We understand that not all our members and guests will be able to attend right now and we're doing all we can to continue to minister to people who cannot currently attend. If you find that you don't think you'll be able to attend for an extended time we would love to know your situation and see how we can serve you. Please drop a quick note to Joe Alcantar (joe@crossofgrace.net) with your situation and we'll be in touch. 

Notification Policy

[UPDATED 10/16/20] When will the church be notified if someone attends a church meeting and is possibly contagious with COVID? 

If someone who was recently at a church meeting tests positive for COVID we will determine to the best of our ability whether they were in close contact with someone while at a church service. We will then notify anyone we are aware of who was in close contact with them. For example, if someone was serving on a service team with other members we would notify them of the possible exposure. If the person's interaction was broad enough to affect the whole church we will notify the whole church. 

It should be noted that our safety procedures in place on Sunday morning are specifically to minimize risk and prevent any possible spread. So far we are not aware of any case of COVID-19 being spread from person to person at a church service. 

Sanitizing Procedures and Safety

What measures will be taken to ensure clean surfaces at the church building? 

We have hand sanitizer available throughout the church building. 

In addition to this, we’ve taken the step of eliminating as many common touch surfaces as possible (such as church bulletins, cards, etc.). These will be replaced by digital information and signups at crossofgrace.net.

Last, our church building is thoroughly cleaned before and after Sunday services.

What measures have been taken to mitigate the risk of virus spread through the air at the church building? 

While no indoor space can perfectly mitigate the risk of airborne transmission we have several factors in our building that help us mitigate risk: 

  • Our large and open auditorium provides a large volume of cubic air
  • Doors outside will be left open to recirculate air, weather permitting
  • When coolers are in use the evaporative units help bring in outside air
  • When heaters are in use vents are left open to allow exchange of air 

Please see the above sections on mask rules for our services.

Before the Service

What do I need to know before coming to a service? 

We’re excited to see you! We want to make you feel as welcome and comfortable as we can. 

Take note of the following before heading to a Sunday service: 

  • Please make sure you have not exhibited any symptoms of COVID-19 or been exposed. See above section. 
  • Bring your Bible, if possible, as our pew Bibles will be reserved as a gift for those who don’t have a Bible.  

During the Service

How long will the service last? 

Currently, our services are about 75 minutes. We’ve shortened services from our normal 90 minutes temporarily for this season

What can I expect in the service? 

Our adjusted liturgy for most services will include:

  • Call to Worship & Scripture Reading
  • Songs of Worship
  • Prayer
  • Church Updates
  • Sermon
  • Song of Worship and/or Communion 
  • Benediction & Scripture Reading

Will we sing during our services? 

We see strong Scriptural encouragement to sing and believe this must remain part of our services. 

How will communion be handled? 

Communion is taken the first Sunday of the month. Communion will be individually packaged, sanitized, and left on the seats in front of each row. 

How will baptism be handled?

Baptisms will continue, conducted with additional sanitation procedures. 



Are our normal kids ministry classes running?

9 AM Service

We offer the following classes during our 9 AM service:

  • Nursery (9 months -23 months)
  • 2 & 3 year-olds
  • 4 & 5 year olds 
  • 6-12 year olds 

11 AM Service

We offer the following classes during our 11 AM service:

  • 2-5 year-olds
  • 6-12 year olds 

Learn more at crossofgrace.net/kids

Are kids welcome in services? 

Absolutely. We firmly believe that kids should be welcomed in our services at all times. Activity packets are available at the information table for those who would like one.

How can I prepare for bringing my kids to services? 

We believe this is a wonderful opportunity to talk to your kids in advance about what’s going on in the service and explain things like, “Why do we sing? Why does someone get up and explain the Bible? What is communion?” 

Last, we understand this may be new for some kids. Younger kids especially might have questions or get wiggly. That’s totally fine and it’s never a burden or distraction to walk with parents as they help their kids adjust to being in service together. 

What if I can’t bring my children to services? 

Are you only able to attend church online at the moment? We still want to encourage and equip your family during this season! For lesson material and parent resources, you can fill out this form or email Crystal at crystal@crossofgrace.net