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Marriage Night

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October 21, 2020

8:30pm – 9:30pm

Category: Marriage

Marriage is a great gift of God. Not only does he give a man and wife to each other for mutual edification, growing in Christlikeness, enjoying God together as they enjoy each other, he also allows our marriages to display the glory of the Gospel - the grand reality of Christ as husband, and the church as his Bride. 

With this being the reality of our marriages, we not only have a great privilege, we have a great responsibility. The privilege is to witness to the world of our great Savior. The responsibility is to make our witness one that is worthy of the Gospel. So, ask yourself this question: Is your marriage witnessing as strong as it possibly can? Does your relationship with your spouse proclaim the Gospel as clearly, loudly, and boldly as it can? 

We want to help strengthen the witness of your marriage. We want to help you enjoy God together as you enjoy each other. When we do those things, then our marriages are stronger, which means we have a stronger witness. Join Vince and Kristie Corpus October  via Zoom to start the journey of strengthening your marriage, and its witness. 

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