Why Are We Meeting Off-Site for Easter??


This Easter our church is doing something a little crazy. On Easter, often our most attended Sunday each year, we're not even meeting at our church building. Why??

Where We've Been

In the last two years we've dealt with various degrees of separation due to Covid. We began the pandemic stuck in our own homes. And since then, some have had health issues that have kept them back from being able to participate fully in church life. Others may have differed at various times from other members as they navigated safety and convictions (as well as cultural controversy and a contentious election). 

That's why we believe this year, more than ever, we should be in one room singing one song as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. We believe that as we build turn the page on the last two years it will serve our church family to look around and be all together, in one place. It'll be our way of marking an important moment as we thank God for preserving us as a church. It'll be our family reunion. 

Who We Are

It may feel a little different to gather in a different place at a different time, but really, it's who we are. We are united by the message of Jesus, his cross, and his grace. We stand on the same statement of faith. We have the same mission to reach our El Paso community with the gospel. We have one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all (Eph 4:5). And to a broken and lost world we hold out the one hope of Jesus. 

As we gather in a new building it will be a reminder: that our church is not fundamentally a facility at 4700 Leeds Ave, our church is a family of people following Jesus together. More than ever, our identity must be in a commitment to Jesus and to each other, not to particular favorite auditorium chair. 

Where We're Headed

When we look around on Easter morning we'll see 9am service regulars and 11am service regulars. We'll see people from Community Groups on the Westside, Eastside, and Northeast. We'll see third generation El Pasoans and new residents. We'll see various ethnicities, backgrounds, and countries of origin. 

We'll look around and see our church. Jesus' church. 

So let me encourage you to push through the extra work it may take to join us on Easter Sunday. It'll be worth it. 


PS: Get ready to sing your guts out. Jesus is alive.