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Vision Homework, Week 1: Identity as Disciples


Write out your testimony. It can be as short as a paragraph or as long as a page. This exercise has the intention to help you think about what elements are needed to be included in your testimony. 

A testimony of your conversion is the telling of the story of how you were reconciled to God through the Gospel. It is recounting how the Gospel has transformed your life. Writing your testimony can be an opportunity to worship God for his grace in your life and a very useful tool in evangelism. 

If you have never written your testimony here are some pointers. 

  • Realize you do have a testimony. Every testimony of God’s saving grace is a miraculous event. Even if you don’t come from a rough background, your testimony is still extraordinary. You have been brought from spiritual death to eternal life. That’s true of every believer in Christ.   
  • Briefly talk about how your life was before Christ. This can include your previous understanding of what being a Christian really is, your early life, your religious background. 
  • Talk about how you came to repent of your sins and believe in the gospel. Share about how you heard the gospel for the first time, or how did you come to understand what it means that Christ died for your sins. When was the moment, or time period, in which the gospel came alive and you trusted in Christ for salvation? This should be the main focus of your testimony. 
  • Mention how has your life been transformed through the gospel. What has your life looked like since knowing Christ? In what areas is he still working in your life? In your walk with Christ has there been powerful, notable moments where the reality of the gospel in your life has made a significant difference? 

Take into consideration that when you share your testimony you might have 1, 2 or 5 minutes or more. 

You have two options for completing the homework:

  1. Use the online form below to complete the assignment
  2. Download a PDF of the homework here and write or type your testimony out

To submit the homework*, you can:

  1. Complete and submit it online using the form below.
  2. Turn it into the Information Table on Sunday or to your Community Group leader.
  3. Email it to Vince Corpus at

* Those who share their testimony with us will be put into a drawing for a free book on being a disciple!

Note: For those interested in becoming members of Cross of Grace, this is a required assignment for membership. You can submit it using one of the choices above or bring it with you to our Membership Meeting on October 13.