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Fall Bible Reading Plan, Week 1: Luke 1


This chapter marks the beginning of the gospel of Luke and provides a prelude to Jesus' birth. Luke 1 sets us the stage for the rest of the book by providing us a description of the birth of John the Baptist, and the miraculous events that accompanied it. The section we'll be focusing on this week describes the foretelling of Jesus' birth. This remarkable little passage, provides for us a glimpse into who Jesus is and what He has come to do in the world. 

Discussion questions (Luke 1:26-38)

1. Jesus is described in verses 32-33 as an eternal king. What does it mean for us today that Jesus is a king, an eternal king, whose kingdom will never end? Where do you think his kingdom is today? How might this change or enlarge your concept of Jesus? 

2.  Jesus is also described in verse 35 as the holy Son of God. What is the significance that Jesus is the Son of God? How does that truth change the way we relate to God? How does it affect our daily lives? 

3. The angel announced to Mary a difficult thing to comprehend. It would undoubtedly come with many hardships and lead to a temptation of doubting God's promise. Can you describe a time you had trouble believing God's Word and His promises? What helped you in your struggle with unbelief in that season?