The Marriage Seminar Was Great, But Now What?

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 9.09.00 AMLast weekend was an outstanding marriage seminar taught by guest speaker Billy Raies, Sr. Pastor of Sovereign Grace Church of Midland. But now what? Maybe after the seminar you realize you need to do some more study about how to build a healthy marriage, or you want to go through a book together.

So here are Billy Raies top four book recommendations on marriage:

  • Love that Lasts by Gary & Betsy Ricucci–– Billy says, "This is the one I use most when counseling engaged couples!" Clear, practical, with helpful words directly at husbands and at wives. 
  • This Momentary Marriage by John Piper –– This books aims to give you a big and awe-inpsiring view of marriage by seeing it from God's perspective. 
  • What Did You Expect? by Paul Tripp –– Great help for dealing with conflict in marriage and working through differences and difficulty for the glory of God.
  • The Meaning of Marriage by Tim Keller –– This book answers questions from skeptics and even non-Christians about God's design for marriage and is edifying and helpful for any reader. 

Now let me add just a few more suggestions of my own:

  • Date Your Wife by Justin Buzzard –– This short, readable book starts with good theological reasons for why husbands should pursue their wives, but is full of practical help. You may not date your wife exactly the way Justin does, but it will push you to pursue your bride. 
  • Financial Peace University by Dave Ramsey –– One of the most common areas of conflict in marriage is finances and Dave's material has specific help for how spouses can work together. But really, any good financial course is a good idea for married couples. 
  • God, Marriage, and Family by Andreas Kostenberger –– I had to throw out a suggestion for the nerds. This is a big book that is a deep theological exploration of marriage and family. Even if you don't read it all at once it's a great reference to have. 

Last, if the marriage seminar brought up some areas you realize you need to work on in your marriage you'd like help there are two ways the church might be able to serve you:

  • Our Young Marrieds Group –– If you've been married within the past few years and you want to be part of a Community Group focused on helping build a solid marriage foundation this group is for you. Contact Todd Peterson for more information. 
  • Marriage Counseling –– If you'd like to talk to someone about counseling about issues big or small please contact our church office and we'd love to match you up with someone on our counseling team.