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Next Sermon Series: The God of Chance

Where is God when we look around and can't seem to see him anywhere? That's the question the book of Esther tackles, and the question we'll explore together.

Our sermon series is called "The God of Chance" because chance seems to play a big role in the book of Esther. In fact, God is never even mentioned in the whole book. But that's exactly the point. Because even when it seems like God is absent we see him at work, protecting his people through his providence. 

I give a quick overview of the book below: 

Community Groups

While we study Esther on Sundays our Community Groups will be studying the theme of providence. You can find those studies on our CG resources page

Personal Study

If you'd like to study the book personally along with our sermon series I highly recommend this commentary by Dr. Ian Duguid. It's highly readable, illuminating, and applicable. (And as a bonus you get a great commentary on Ruth!)