The Beginning of Wisdom and the Bible on Your Shelf


Proverbs says that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and we need wisdom! Every day we face choices in the areas of family, work, money, relationships, sexuality, temptation, and countless other areas. But God's word encourages us that if we want to be wise in these areas we don't stop with those areas, we start with knowing God. 

This means that getting time with God is one of the most practical things we can possible do. For example, if we want to think well about money we need to get to know God as the creator and sustainer of all, the one designed us to work, and know what it means to work in his image. As we get to know God it affects every area of our lives. So while we're in the book of Proverbs I really want to encourage you to get with God in his word. 

Here are some suggestions for how to do that: 

Reading Proverbs

We're going to focusing our sermon series on Proverbs on the first 9 chapters of Proverbs. Why? Because they're the introduction and overview that helps you learn to read the rest of Proverbs. But to get the most out of our series we want to encourage you to read the rest of Proverbs yourself alongside our series. Here are two ways to do it: 

  • Read one chapter of Proverbs a day. There are 31 chapters so this works out pretty well!
  • Start in chapter 10 and read a cluster of 3-5 verses per day while we cover Proverbs. 

Proverbs is also a great book to read with pen in hand. I like to draw little symbols for verses (like a $ for Proverbs about money, etc.) and it lets me glance through and find threads and themes. Or make notes about areas this could apply to as you go. 

Want to dig further into Proverbs? I think Ray Ortlund's commentary is understandable, practical, and pastoral. Get this on your bookshelf. Crossway also has a 12 week study you can use that will guide you through the book. 

Bible Reading Plans

Need a general plan to read the Bible beyond Proverbs too? Here's a great overview of some Bible reading plans by Justin Taylor. Browse through and pick one that works for you. If you're new to the Bible and need a place to start we recommend this reading plan that starts with just 5 minutes a day. You can also review our suggestions for various "tracks" to read the Bible this year that aren't tied to specific chapters being read each day and are more at your own pace. 

Devotional Ideas

Want a devotional to kick-start your time with God in the morning? I've grown to love the Solid Joys devotionals by John Piper. They're short (about a page) and packed with truth that shows you the glory of God. There's even a handy app for iPhone and Android phones so you're never without a devotional. 

However you do it, get your Bible open and get with God. Not only will you find that you know him better a few months from now, you'll find yourself growing wiser too.