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Revelation Resources


Want to learn more about Revelation? It’s a rich, beautiful, powerful book. Here are a few places to start in your journey in addition to our sermons on Sunday mornings and your study in Community Groups. 

To download a PDF of this list, click here. 

If you only listen to one thing…

Revelation 1 - Whitacre // One of the pastors from our partner church in Louisville helps us understand why this book is so helpful and necessary for Christians. (And the whole series is great) 

If you want a very short overview of the whole book…

The ESV Study Bible Introduction to Revelation // Provided free here for anyone with dates, book outline, themes, maps, etc. 

If you want to understand the letters to the seven churches in 20 minutes… How do we understand Revelation? - Arnold and Weima // A short podcast interview with a Bible scholar who has extensively studied the letters to the 7 churches in Revelation 2-3. 

If you want an introduction to Revelation BUT in movie form AND in 20 minutes…

Revelation - The Gospel Project // These two videos use illustration to help you see the shape and structure of Revelation 

If you want to learn how to read Revelation closely word by word…  How to Read Revelation and How to Rejoice in Revelation - Piper // Like walking through Revelation with a pen in hand looking at how to read the book closely 

Take on a study of Revelation…

Revelation - A 12-Part Study - Witmer // Walk through the book with this study made available for free from Crossway and learn to understand its context. Perfect for going through on your own, with a family, or with a friend. 

Overview of Heaven, Hell and the End of the World - Platt //  Message overview and outlines for understanding big questions like “What is heaven? What is it like? What is hell?” etc. (See also (Sermon Series on Revelation as David Platt walks through the whole book of Revelation.)

Stock your bookshelf with a few recommended books…

Global Study Bible (ESV) or The ESV Study Bible // Don’t have a good study Bible? You can get a free Global Study Bible from the Zero Dollar Bookstore at church

Triumph of the Lamb - Johnson // A good commentary on Revelation tracing the main arc of the book, its specific genre, and connections to the rest of the Bible 

A Shorter Commentary on Revelation - Beale // Dr. Beale has reduced a very large commentary into a more manageable size and excels and drawing connections between Revelation and the Old Testament for better understanding  (And “shorter” in this case doesn’t mean “short”)