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Resources on Justice, Racism, Unity, and Hope

That they belong to God

This week in America many are calling for justice, lamenting racism, longing for unity, and looking for hope. The challenge is that few people agree on even those terms, much less how to move forward together. That’s where we as Christians can find help in the Word of God, which is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path (Psalm 119:105). When the world seems dark, opening the Bible helps us see clearly enough to move forward together. 

We want to encourage our whole church to spend time in the Word of God, with key passages and messages that can help inform our understanding of the world around us. These messages were preached over the past few years here at Cross of Grace and while they’re not directly aimed at the events of the last week, the truth in them is always relevant.  

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If you only have time to engage one resource this week we encourage you to engage with Isaiah 2 and its hope-filled vision for where God is taking his people. 

Dream with Me Isaiah 2:1-5 

We also had a transcript produced of the message, get the transcript here

This message gives us a glimpse of the trajectory of God’s plan for his people and for the world. He'll bring people from every nation, united by the glorious gospel. Since that's our future as a church, we should long for it, and walk in the light of justice, unity, and peace with one another. Let's dream together of our glorious future with gospel eyes. 

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What Jesus Does With Discrimination Acts 10:34–11:18

This passage reminds us that there is no partiality in the gospel, as such there must be no partiality in Jesus' church. He has all been saved by the same gospel and empowered by the same Spirit. Therefore we fight against partiality to honor God. 

Perfect Justice in God's Timing Esther 7-8

Whenever we see injustices in the world there is a good reaction to demand that justice be brought swiftly. However, sometimes, God does not bring justice immediately. Rather, God brings perfect justice in his perfect timing.  

Listen and Look Isaiah 51:1-8

When we look around us and are tempted to walk away from following the Lord, to walk away from pursuing righteousness, we need to listen to God’s voice and look beyond what we can see around us. When we look beyond what’s right here we see the reality of an eternal life-giving, everlasting God. We see the reality of an eternal, everlasting salvation