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Renovation Project 2014

Check out this video update on our Renovation Project that was kicked off this week and will continue in 2014.

As the video mentions, there are three reasons for this project:

  1. Needed fixes and updates: There were several things in the auditorium that needed fixes and attention, including moving our sound booth to the right location, building a dedicated storage area for the sound and worship teams, fixing carpet staining, buying some more chairs, etc. 
  2. Improving our design: We also want to take the opportunity to improve the design of our auditorium. We wanted something that would be a little more timeless and neutral, but also something that better reflected our area and our city. This is why we've got a fresh coat of paint and a new background going in on the stage, among other things. 
  3. Preparing for the future: We would love to be able to position our sound and video needs for the next many years, and we'd like to be able to prepare for shooting and posting video messages by adding some lighting and a camera. 

So what kinds of things will be included in the project?

Some of this is subject to our finances and special offerings in Dec 2014, but this would be our hope:

  • Auditorium –– Replacing all our carpet, repainting, building center background
  • Chairs –– We needed a few more chairs to keep on hand for major services (like Easter) and will be replacing our dark purple chairs
  • Sound & Video –– Replacing our current sound system. (We did research and rather than piecemeal upgrades over the next few years we’ll save a lot of money by upgrading all at once.)
  • Lighting –– Adding some basic lighting, which we can modify and add to in the future
  • Video –– The lighting will be paired with a video system to video record our messages for posting online 
  • Outdoor Sign –– Making our outdoor sign look more “permanent", professional, and hospitable 
  • Misc fixes –– Some minor fixes for the mens restroom and various other areas 

What will the church look like when it's finished?

It will have more desert colors, it will be a little more rustic and and a little more relaxed and comfortable. We're aiming for a less trendy and more timeless look, but we also want it to feel like El Paso. A good example of the look and feel of this type of design is our Connect Room. 

What's our timeline on the project?

We had planned to start all phases in January but one subcontractor's schedule meant that we had to do the painting and drywall work this month. All other phases should take place in January. Just a warning that during the construction phases there will be some "unfinished" Sundays and we may need to meet on our concrete floor later in January. 

Want to participate?

There are three specific things you can do:

  1. Serve!: There will be some big projects (like ripping out our existing carpeting) that we'll need your help with, so be ready!
  2. Give regularly: Your faithful and regular giving is what has put us into a position to be able to do this project and unless it continues we won't be able to finish. Thanks for making this possible!
  3. Give specifically: You can also give directly and specifically to this project either at church or give online.