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Read the Bible With Us in 2020

read your bible

Want to grow in your faith in 2020? Join us in reading the Bible together in 2020. We'll get a little help with some free resources. 

First time reading the Bible at all? 

If you've never read the Bible at all, we're so glad you're making a decision to start this year! To help you start strong we want to recommend a plan that will take you through the whole New Testament over the year. It contains as little as 5 minutes of reading a day 5 days a week. But we hope you'll take longer than that as you pray through and meditate on the word. 

Get the 5 x 5 x 5 plan here

Want to grow in your faith or read through the whole Bible? 

This Bible reading plan has been around a long time and was originally developed decades ago by a Scottish pastor who wanted to help his congregation engage with the Bible. You'll do four different readings each day which will keep things fresh and help you make connections between different sections of Scripture. Best of all, this reading plan will be accompanied by several great resources that will help you keep going and dig deeper. 

Get the Read the Bible reading plan here 

I'm planning to use this plan myself in this next year so I hope you'll join me!

Out of all the New Years resolutions to make, perhaps none will impact your life more than spending time receiving and applying the words of God. Grace to you as we end one year and begin another.