Praying for Paris & The Coming Kingdom

On Sunday we explored what God says about how we're to respond to the government as Christians (listen to the message here). In light of this message and other biblical passages here is a prayer offered in light of the tragedy in Paris and the threat of terrorism worldwide.


The Lord reigns, let the earth rejoice.

You, oh Lord, established the earth and hold it fast. You uphold all things by the word of your power: Every star spinning in the sky, every wave crashing, every child laughing. You reign and you will not be moved.

Therefore, oh Lord, creator and sustainer, you are our refuge. You are a very present help in times of trouble. You are present even now. Because this is true we will not fear. Even if the earth gives way. Even if the mountains fall into the sea. Even if bombs go off on city streets. Even if towers fall.

The Lord reigns, let evil fear.

You, oh Lord, are holy. There is no sin or evil in you. You cannot be bought or pushed or pulled to call evil good or good evil. You see every tear of the fatherless around the world today. You hear every cry of the wounded. You know every untold tragedy. You hold justice and power in equal measure.

Therefore, oh Lord, arise and defend the weak, punish evil, and bring justice to the earth. Let no one who took sons or daughters or fathers and mothers escape. Let every evil plot be frustrated.

The Lord reigns, let prayers be made for every governing official.

You, oh Lord, have established earthly authorities. You have given them to restrain evil and to promote good. You have made them avengers with a sword of justice.

Therefore, oh Lord, we pray for those in positions of authority that you would grant them wisdom in wielding the sword. May they exercise justice rightly, may they defend those who are defenseless. Guard them from responding unwisely, guide them soberly and well, direct their steps according to true justice.

The Lord reigns, let the gospel ring out.

You, oh Lord, know that if unfiltered justice were poured out on the earth we would be swept up in its wake. We have thought evil, we have murdered in our hearts, we would stand condemned. But you, Oh Lord, became a man like us. You never sinned or thought evil. You, the perfect one, offered himself for those who stood condemned. You bore the justice we deserved so we could receive the peace you deserved. You brought us in to your family. You restored our souls. We rejoice.

Therefore, oh Lord, let the gospel be proclaimed with power. Let the fatherless find a Father in you. Let the weak find a Defender in you. Let the broken find wholeness in you. Let the killer find repentance in you. Let the fearful find a refuge in you. Let your people rise up and proclaim this news of hope in a hopeless day.

The Lord reigns, let his people long for his return.
You, oh Lord, lived and died and rose again to bring a kingdom. This kingdom cannot be shaken and will not be corrupted. This kingdom will know nothing of explosions on city streets or fear slinking in the shadows. In this kingdom true freedom will ring for eternity, true joy will resound, true peace will reign. Even now you are preparing a place for all those who trust in you.

Therefore, oh Lord, Let your kingdom come. Come quickly, Lord Jesus. Hurry the day when our faith shall be sight and the kingdom is not just in our hearts but in the streets of that heavenly city. Let your will be done now, on earth as it is in heaven, in a foretaste of that heavenly city. Let your love and peace come to the streets of Paris and around the world today.

Come quickly, Lord Jesus. Reign now, reign in our hearts, reign in eternity.

[Scriptures referenced: Psalm 46:1-2, Psalm 93, Psalm 97, Exodus 1, Ephesians 2:8-9, 1 Timothy 2:1-4, 1 Peter 2:13-17, Romans 13:1-7, Revelation 21]