New Miniseries: How the Gospel Shapes Our Homes

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Let's face it: outside of work we live most of our lives within the four walls of our homes.

Our most precious and important relationships are often within those walls. We make most our our decisions about money, possessions, time, and priorities in the home. We surf the web, watch TV, invest in our hobbies, throw parties and hide out. The culture of our homes spreads to every part of our lives––making us miserable or making us joyful.

Whether we are married or single, whether our household has one person or 10 people, what affects our homes affects everything else in our lives. 

But our homes also provide a unique opportunity for the gospel, because if the gospel can reshape this most intimate and personal part of our lives, it can reshape everything. 

This month we'll spend three Sunday messages considering how the gospel affects our homes by looking first at how specific direction given in Titus 2 for women and for men, then considering the issue of our money and possessions. Far from simply bringing condemnation or a message of "do more and try harder" the gospel gives us hope for change, motivation for change, and power to change. 

  • May 11: Women, The Gospel, & The Home
  • May 18: Men, The Gospel, & The Home
  • May 25: Poessessions, The Gospel, & The Home 

Join me in praying that over the next three weeks God would do some great things in our families, our churches, and beyond. 

[Photo credit: Kate Ware