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Marriage and Parenting in Quarantine is Tough, This Can Help


Ricky and Joe talk about the need for help in the areas of marriage and parenting during quarantine and offer a free resource from the church that can help! 

A Note from Pastor Joe

During this challenging time of the Pandemic some of the issues that families are facing by spending large amounts of time together are parenting and marriage weaknesses.

Statistics are giving us some very sobering and sad information on this: filings for divorce have actually increased during this time, and many statistics indicate that child abuse has increased as will. This speaks to the brokenness of our world and how stress and close proximity can create a grieving combination in families.

But we believe that this season isn't just something to endure, we believe we as Christians can actually grow in our marriages and parenting during this time!

We want to provide you with some gospel centered resources that will help to strengthen these two different areas. Paul Tripp, a gospel preaching pastor and teacher, is offering these two webinars that can be watched on your own computer at home at the time that will work best for you. Paul Tripp is one of the best teachers on these two subjects that we know and if we could have him here in person we would! This is the next best thing. 

The course on marriage is called “The Marriage Of Your Dreams” and consists of four videos and a discussion guide. The one on parenting is called “Parenting It’s Not What You Think It is” and is also four videos and a discussion guide. You can watch a preview of the material here:

We will be making these available for free in order to maximize participation and hope and pray that if you have been experiencing challenges in either of these areas of parenting or marriage that you will avail yourself of these outstanding resources. If you are not struggling in these areas we still would highly recommend these two series. We believe that they will be an investment of your time that will pay huge dividends.

If you are a church member you'll receive an email link with the material early next week. If you're a friend of Cross of Grace simply email to get access to the material. 

And if you would benefit from walking through this material as a couple with someone, or if these courses raise a need for additional counseling, we would love to help! Email Vince ( and let him know you'd like to explore additional counseling and he'll work to help you. 

We are praying God makes this a season your family not only survives but thrives, 

-Joe Alcantar