Lower Valley Ministry & How to Get Involved

Hey friends!

Just wanted to give everyone a quick overview of what we got planned in the Valley, and ways to get plugged in. But first I want so say I'm really grateful for all of you and for your desire to help people know Christ!

So here's what we got going on...

Sunday afternoon visiting
We meet Sundays at 4pm at the apartments to hand out fliers, connect with people we already know, and get to know new folks. This is a bilingual event. Even if you don't attend on Monday, coming on Sundays is valuable and helpful in and of itself. A lot times times we have real counseling opportunities and opportunities to explain the basic of Christianity to people. Sometimes they feed us too!

Monday at 4:30 is the actual group
We start rounding up the neighbors at like 4. We hang out for a bit and start the Bible study and prayer portion around 4.45. We need more help with teaching kids. Last week like 18 kids showed up! The kids class is in english. The adult group is mainly in spanish but we'll shift to bilingual if more english only people come. We also need folks to help setup before hand and also knocking on doors to invite people who usually attend. We won't meet December 22 or 29 in light of our special Christmas events.

Block Party on the 20th
The goal is to have a blast and meet a ton of neighbors, invite them to our group, sing some Christmas songs and have the kids do a Christmas play. We're set to have this at 1pm. We'll need to start setting up at 11.30. During the party we'll need about 10 people to run booths and give out food etc. It would be great to have an additional 5 people to just talk to the neighbors. Our list is of helpers is pretty big already given that people from the apartments will help us run it too. It'll probably end like at 4 and take another hour to tear down. The apartments are having their own party indoors (in the room where we meet) that same evening starting at 5. We would love to be able to play music for that party too. It's just another chance to spend time w the neighbors. I'm classifying their party as an 'extra' for us. I'll probably go and hopefully our music man, but other than that I think our team will be pretty much spent from the block party earlier that day.

Christmas Eve Service
We'll meet in El Camino's building and it'll be from 5-6pm. We're going to invite all the neighbors. We're hoping to have the kids do the play for it. I'm working on getting someone to handle the music. It will be a bilingual service.

If you haven't already told me, but are interested in helping with the block party, could you email me letting me know, so I can add you to the list.

If you have any questions about any of that just let me know. And if you know anybody else who might be interested feel free to invite them or let me know and I can talk to them.

Let's do this!

-Jonathan Matthews