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Four Ways Not to Waste Easter Week

We're already halfway through Easter Week. If you're like me your thoughts tend plans to get together with folks, plans to dress your kids in cute outfits, and whether you have any "Easter-y" shirts in your closet. 

Those things are wonderful, but don't waste the unique opportunity this week gives us. Here are four ways to make sure you don't waste this weekend.

1) Don't Forget to Meditate on This Week's Meaning

This is a great week to spend some extra time in Scripture with your family or spouse, reading the accounts of Jesus' last week. One resource worth checking out is the series of videos that meditating on what happened each day of holy week. Animation and interviews with scholars help you walk this week in the shoes of the disciples. 

The Final Days of Jesus: Wednesday from Crossway on Vimeo.

Check out the other videos for Palm Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and keep checking back on this page for a new video each day. 

2) Don't Forget to Involve Your Family

If you're married or have kids think about how you can meditate together on the what this week means. It can take the form of a full-blown family re-enactment of Palm Sunday, or be as simple as gathering around the table to read some selections from a kids Bible. If you're married, take some time to pray together. 

3) Don't Forget to Look for Gospel Opportunities 

Be strategic this week in showing the love of Christ to those around you, and pray for opportunities to share what Christ's resurrection means to you. This week provides a perfect way to talk about your faith with co-workers and those in your daily rhythm of life. It's okay to be excited about this week and to let them excitement rub off on those around you, provoking them to ask questions about your faith. For many of us one of our biggest gospel opportunities will be getting together with family and friends who don't know Jesus. Pray for God's help and wisdom before those gatherings!

[We'd also love some extra help with the easter egg hunt our church is throwing for our neighborhood. Contact Ray to help!]

4) Don't Forget to Practice Hospitality 

Biblical hospitality is the art of turning strangers into friends so look for those around you that you can be a friend to this week. It's not to late to be blessing to your neighbors by bringing over a plate of Easter cookies, throwing a quick egg hunt with friends who don't know Jesus, or inviting over a family to join you for lunch or dinner on Easter. 

Join us!

Last, don't forget to join us for our Good Friday service at 6pm and our Easter Service at 10:30am! We can't wait to sing, worship, pray, eat, and have fun together this weekend.