Five Reasons to Attend Our Womens Conference

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Wondering whether to come to the Peacemaking Women Conference? We know any conference is an invesment of time, but here's why we think you should come!

  1. Come to Be Refreshed –– Author Tara Barthel preaches gospel-soaked messages full of grace and life. We promise that the material is not just another load of condemnation or a grace-less to-do list. If you need a dose of gospel-refreshment, join us!
  2. Come for Practical Help –– All of us have relationships with tension in them and relationships that experience conflict (either that, or we're in denial!). How can you walk these situations out in a way that creates peace, and not more conflict? How can you personally fight to trust the Lord and not be discouraged? This seminar is full of very practical steps to take to resolve conflict in a way that glorifies God.
  3. Come to Serve Your Church –– Whether you're part of Cross of Grace or another local body, getting equipped to be a peacemaker serves your church. Conflict often tears churches apart, distracts us from the mission, and turn the atmosphere on Sunday morning sour. Be equipped to help those around you deal with conflict in a way that strengthens, not weakens, your church body. 
  4. Come to Serve Your Family –– If you're a wife or a mom these principles are so helpful as you seek to be a peacemaker in your own family. Start building a culture of peace in your family, and give them the gift of a godly legacy. 
  5. Come for Fellowship and Fun –– If our ladies creative team is planning this event, it definitely will be far from boring. Come ready to connect with old friends and make new ones. We'll have snacks, giveaways, and lots of fun. 

We know an event like this is certainly an investment of your time and money. We know it may not be easy to find someone to watch the kids. But we also believe God has good things planned for all the ladies that can gather for this weekend. You can even see the schedule and topics here

It would be a huge logistical help if you would register this week or this week so don't delay. 

Register now

Last, if finances would prevent you from attending please contact us at the church office. We have several scholarships available for folks and would love to find out how we can help you be able to attend.