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Fall Bible Reading Plan, Week 2: Luke 2


This chapter focuses on the narrative of Jesus’ birth. This joyous chapter includes the famous section of the angels' announcement to the shepherds and proclaiming the good news that Jesus, God incarnate, had been born. Additionally, Luke provides for us two scenes of Jesus’ childhood. The first one, is set up on the day Jesus is presented at the temple when he was 8 days old, in accordance with the Law. The second event recorded is also located at the temple but from the time Jesus was 12 years old. 

Discussion questions (Luke 2:22-38)

1. What does Simeon say about Jesus when he takes Him into his arms? How does that help us understand what Jesus came to do? 

2. Simeon is described as an older man who had been promised that he would see Christ before he died. The text seems to imply that he had been waiting a long time for God to fulfill his promise before Joseph and Mary came to the temple. What can we learn from Simeon's example of faith? How can we grow in our trust in God's promises?  

3. What did Anna do when she saw and heard about Jesus? How should that encourage us to do the same when we hear about Jesus? What can you do this week to tell others about Jesus?