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Fall Bible Reading Plan, Week 4: John 1:1-18


This chapter provides a prelude to the life and ministry of Jesus. In these initial verses, the apostle John gives us a description of Jesus' true identity. In contrast to the opening of the other Gospels, John begins his writing by fixing the attention of his readers to the eternal Christ.

Discussion questions (John 1:1-18)

1. In the first verses (1:1-5), John intentionally calls back to Genesis 1. What is the connection he is trying to make and why is it important? How does that parallel help us understand who Jesus is? 

2. What do verses 9–13 teach about how to become a child of God? Where do you see God’s grace in these verses?

3. How is the good news of the gospel described in verses 14-18? What is the daily implication of this truth for our lives?