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Facemask Policy Changes

safety team

Dear Church Family,

Our Safety Committee would like to bring you an update on our rolling back of facemask requirements.  

In light of the high number of vaccinations in our city, 65.4% have received at least one dose of the vaccine, and lower cases of infection, we believe it is a good time to make some changes to our facemask policies.  

Effective Sunday, May 23rd, our 11am service will be a facemask optional service. If you want to wear one you certainly can as this will now be a personal decision for you, but it will not be required.

At the 9am service, the facemask policy will be the one we now have in place for our 11am service.  Facemasks will still be required when entering and exiting the building, moving around during the service, and singing, but can be taken off when seated during the announcements and sermon portion of the service. 

In both of these services, we will have a designated area where people who want to wear facemasks during the entire service can sit.  It would really serve us if you will be attending the 9am service and want to sit in this mask-required area, to sign up at the information table, or call the office and let us know, so we’ll know how big of a section to designate.

Because of these changes, the check-in area for the children’s ministry will be in a different location on May 23rd, to make room for a mask-only section in the 9am service.  And speaking of children’s ministry, we are very excited that the new wing will be ready probably by the middle of June.  Even though it’s not yet complete, we are ready to begin working on opening up children’s classes in the 11am service.  All we’re lacking to do that are teachers and helpers.  Please consider volunteering to help us open those classes, especially if you're a family that benefits from children’s ministry.  Please email Teresa at or go to the information table to sign up.  

We are thankful to the Lord for his mercy to our city and church in protecting us from many Covid infections.  

If you have any questions on these changes please do not hesitate to contact Joe Alcantar at  

- Cross of Grace Church Safety Team