An Invitation to Our Emerging Leaders Course

Development Course

Do you want to grow in your understanding of the Bible and theology so you can make an impact in your family, church, and world? Then consider joining us for this 12-month study program. 

We are partnering with our local region in our family of churches to provide a 12-month interactive study program. The goal is to raise up a new generation of spiritual leaders and servants in our local churches. If you're an existing leader in the church we think this will benefit and equip you to serve even more effectively. If you're desiring to grow and be equipped to make an impact in your family, workplace, and world, this will be helpful as well. 

Each month will focus on a specific topic such as the doctrine of the Word of God, the gospel, gender and sexuality, the work of the Spirit, and leadership. Each class is led by a pastor and will consist of reading, some assignments and a video call with the instructor and fellow students. The course will be led overall and facilitated by Mark Alderton of Sovereign Grace Church in Aurora. One of our own pastors, Ricky Alcantar, will be one of the instructors in the program. 

Who:    Men and women 18 and older who are hungry for God

When:  January thru December 2020

Cost:    $200-$250 (the cost of books; can be spread out over the year ~ $20/month on average)


  • A time commitment of up to 5 hrs/week on homework
  • One monthly video call in the evening 
  • Faithfulness to complete all assignments and participate in the video calls
  • Humility and teachability in group discussions
  • Must have video conferencing capability (smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc.)
  • Students must buy their books 
  • Completion of the academy doesn’t guarantee a leadership role


  • At the beginning of the course students will take a Preliminary Assessment test for baseline information only. 
  • Each month students will read on a different topic
  • Each month students will participate in one video conference call with an SG pastor and the other students to discuss the topic
  • 4 months will include a paper to be written (reviewed by the lead pastor for that month)


In order to encourage our members and leaders to be equipped our church will be providing scholarships toward the cost of the books in the course (the only cost associated with the course).


If you're interested in being part of the program please fill out the form below. We can't guarantee a spot for everyone desiring to participate so the earlier the better. Once you submit the form below we'll get back to you with more information including the course schedule, required books, and scholarship details. Once you understand the requirements, and we confirm there's still room to participate, we'll ask you to confirm your desire to enroll. 

If you have questions about the course, please contact Andres Contreras at