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Counseling Training in January

On January 11 we'll be hosting a counseling training meeting at the church, but what should you expect? And who should come? This is for two groups of people: First, it's for anyone interested in growing in their ability to counsel other Christians biblically. Learn to be a better community group member, how to counsel friends, and how to serve your ministry. Second, it's also for anyone desiring to join the counseling team we're forming at Cross of Grace. This training will be followed by two other workshops. Here's the schedule: 

January 11, 2014 – Counseling training at the church

January 18, 2014 – Community group leader training w/ counseling training 

January 25, 2014 – Counseling workshop

Here's a brief overview from Andrew Parrish who will be leading the training time and the two follow-up meetings:

"The counseling ministry training and workshop is divided into two portions. The first portion will center on understanding our mission as a church, our mission as counselors and the importance of being grounded doctrinally to provide strong Biblical counseling. Topics included will range from the Scriptural basis for counseling, identifying Biblical wisdom, purposes and use of human wisdom in Biblical counseling, practical applications and identifying a personal calling for counseling.

"The second portion of the training and workshop will incorporate two options. The first option is for existing and potential community group leaders to discuss issues that may arise in the group setting and understanding personal skills, limitations, and identifying resources or people to refer harder cases to. The second option is for individuals that are interested or currently involved with the counseling cases for the church and focuses on the practices and skills needed for more specific types of counseling addressing more complex and difficult issues including marital and parenting counseling, reconciliation, mental health and substance abuse issues, and spiritual growth."

Please come and consider how you can serve others!