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Charlie's Lunch Mission Trip Report

Last Sunday Tom Wilkins shared with us about the work that was done through the Charlie's Lunch Mission Team from Cross of Grace. Thanks to the generous giving before they left, approximately $2000 was raised. With that money we were able to:

  • Purchase about $600 of over the counter medical supplies, thanks in part to a very generous donation of supplies
  • Give about $800 toward the purchase of gifts for the pastors and helpers at the Charlie's Lunch location. In that area, a pastor only has one or two dress shirts that they wear all the time. We were able to buy each pastor a nice dress shirt and tie. They were extremely grateful.
  • At the Charlie's Lunch in the Clouds location where a pastor had given up an nice job and moved his family to work in much more difficult area for less money, we were able to buy them some basic furniture for the house. You can see a picture of the home and the furnishings in the photo gallery below. 

Tom and Lisa Wilkins, members of the Charlie's Lunch Mission Trip, share this personal testimony about their trip:

What a privilege and honor it was to travel with Charlie’s Lunch to the countries of El Salvador and Guatemala this summer. Lisa and I wanted to celebrate our 30th anniversary with a trip that would, hopefully, send us on a trajectory for the next 30 years of our marriage. We want to serve God in a ways we have never served Him before. We were in for an amazing surprise! Our goal was to go and bless the sweet people of these countries by being part of a medical missions team, but while we desired to strengthen and refresh others, we too were strengthened and refreshed. God used their humble circumstances and their joy to show us, how he has and will always, care for and provide for us. They had such joy in the midst of abject poverty, such trust in God in the midst violent and threatening circumstances, and such faith in their God who would provide all they needed.

In his book, You and Me Forever: Marriage in Light of Eternity, Francis Chan wrote, “Many people will tell you to focus on your marriage, to focus on each other; but we discovered that focusing on God’s mission made our marriage amazing.” Our lives have been changed forever, by the grace of God, and we look forward to the years ahead visiting these precious people and we look forward to “focusing on God’s mission” in our local church and communities.

Thank you Cross of Grace Church for your generous support in spreading the Gospel to El Salvador, Guatemala and beyond.