Join us this Christmas at Cross of Grace for our Advent and Christmas services! Learn more here. 

Celebrate Christmas With Us! [Rundown of Events]


Friends, the Christmas Season is upon us! While this season is busy it's also a wonderful opportunity to apply what we learned and intentionally remember God individually, with our families, and with our church community.

Here is a quick rundown of upcoming events: 

  • Dec 1-6 –– Rancho 3M Donations Accepted @ Church –– [Please email or call (915) 562-7100 to make sure we'll be in the office to receive donations!] Download a list of items here
  • Saturday December 6th –– Rancho 3M Shoebox Drive Meeting –– Meet from 10am to noon to prepare for the trip to Rancho 3M on December 13th. Last day for Rancho 3M Donations. Download a list of items here
  • Sunday December 7th –– Important Updates –– During our service we will set aside time for a Members update on our finances and some upcoming projects for 2015. This include some very important updates,  so please make plans to attend. 
  • Saturday December 13th –– Trip to deliver shoeboxes to Rancho 3M and distribute them. (Email Jon Vogan for information)
  • Saturday Dec 30th @ Noon –– Lower Valley Block Party –– We're throwing a mid-day block party to serve and bless their apartment complex Jonathan Matthews has been hosting Bible studies at this Fall. Contact Jonathan for more information!
  • Sunday December 21st @10:30am –– Special Christmas Service –– We'll have a special Christmas message, special music, food and dessert and other fun surprises before and after our Christmas week service. 
  • Wednesday, December 24, 5-6pm–– Christmas Eve Service ––  Our outreach efforts in the Lower Valley will culminate in a Christmas Eve service for the apartment communites and for our church family. Attend to celebrate Christmas and to encourage our efforts to tell others about Jesus in El Paso. Held at El Camino Church (click for directions) 
  • Throughout December –– Community Group Parties –– Many of our Community Groups will be having Christmas season parties this month. Please enjoy those cookies responsibly!

There's a lot there so let me encourage you toward two things this month:

  1. Take advantage of opportunities to serve and give intentionally –– While we can serve and give all year, connecting our service and giving to Christ coming to earth is a great way to make gospel connections in your life and with your family. Perhaps pick at least one project to serve and support this month. 
  2. Take advantage of opportunities to celebrate intentionally –– Don't just simply attend services or Community Group parties, thoughtfully remember why you're celebrating. Make an extra effort to gather with the saints this month. 

Last, at our Church Bookstore you can also pick up a copy of the Prepare Him Room music album or Family Devotional we highlighted last Sunday to make the most of this opportunity to remember our redemption. We'll also be selling Holiday Cards to raise money for Rancho Los Amigos and their current building project.

Of course, it doesn't take a special "season" for us to remember all God has done for us. We should be remembering all year! But these next few weeks do provide some unique opportunities for us to serve, gather, and celebrate together. We hope you'll join us!

-Ricky Alcantar