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Border Relief Prayer and Help


As a church we care deeply about our El Paso community and see being on the border as being a wonderful blessing. We love La Frontera. As the situation at the border is being seen by many in the US, you may be wondering "How can I help?" Here are two simple ways: 


Don't neglect one of the most powerful ways to respond: Prayer. 

  • Pray for the safety of migrants, especially in cold temperatures
  • Pray for the safety of law enforcement and the El Paso community
  • Pray for government at all levels to respond with biblical justice
  • Pray for opportunities for the gospel

Consider framing your prayer in the context of the Lord's prayer: asking God's kingdom to come and will be to be done and asking God to provide for the "daily bread" needs of our community. 


The following organizations in our community are helping to address the specific border migrant situation with both the gospel and practical care:

The following organizations are also helping to address the border situation:

  • Border Refugee Assistance Fund (Catholic Diocese)
  • Salvation Army
  • Anunciation House
  • Opportunity Center for the Homeless 

May the Lord be with you this Christmas!


PS. As a last note many of the same economic and safety factors driving some of this migration are also present nearby in areas like the one Rancho 3M serves and places like that can use our help year-round.