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Back Into the 10 Commandments

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There's an old preacher turn of phrase that goes like this: "It was easier to take Israel out of Egypt than to take Egypt out of Israel." Meaning, of course, that while God could physically pull his people out of Egypt, their hearts could still be as pagan as their former masters. 

In general, the first half of Exodus is concerned with God's redemption of his people and the second half concerned with the giving of the law on Mt. Sinai. God sets his people free from Egypt then instructs them about how to live as free people under his just and good rule. 

But in Christ we are no longer under the Old Testament law anymore, according to the New Testament (bacon eaters and wearers of mixed fibers rejoice!). Yet the law is still exceedingly useful. For the next few weeks we'll be walking step by step through the ten commandments. I think you'll find two things in particular that will be surprising:

1) We Will FindJesus: Ultimately the Bible is about Jesus, and as a summary of the Old Testament laws the 10 Commandments are ultimately about Jesus too. Augustine wrote, “The law orders, that we, after attempting to do what is ordered, and so feeling our weakness under the law, may learn to implore the help of grace.” As we see that we need help, we'll be driven to our true source of help in Christ. We will rejoice that our broken record of keeping the 10 commandments can be replaced by Jesus' perfect record. What a savior! 

2) We Will Find Lots of Practical Help: We'll be talking about a host of practical issues in this series––everything from swearing to savings accounts, from anger to income taxes, from advertising to online media, from the oldest person you know to the youngest person you know––it's all in the 10 commandments.

Theologian R.C. Sproul says this: 

As born-again children of God, the law enlightens us as to what is pleasing to our Father, whom we seek to serve. The Christian delights in the law as God Himself delights in it. Jesus said, “If you love Me, keep My commandments” (John 14:15). This is the highest function of the law, to serve as an instrument for the people of God to give Him honor and glory.


So don't file this 10 commandments series under "If I ever end up time traveling and arrive in Ancient Israel. Instead, file it under "Daily Use." We need Jesus daily. We need practical help daily. So let's grab hold of both together. 

For on the law and the Christian we encourage you to check out this great, short post by R.C. Sproul.