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5 Ways to Honor Your Parents


This last Sunday we talked about honoring parents from Exodus 20:12. Conveniently it was Mothers Day, but what do we do when it's not? What are some practical ways you can show honor to your parents? These aren't exhaustive––instead they're meant to make you think of 5 more!

Here are five suggestions to start with:

  1. Tell them: Don't overlook how powerful this is. Simply communicate your appreciation for them and their role in your life. They're not perfect people, but there are likely thing you can be grateful for. And don't just do it on special occasions either. When's the last time you told them?
  2. Tell others: When you talk about your parents to other people speak of them with honor. They are not perfect people, but what is honorable should be honored. Don't fall into the cultural bent of mocking your parents, honor them instead. When's the last time you honored your parents in a conversation?
  3. Tell God: Express gratefulness to God for them as a gift. As you thank God for them your heart will be stirred to love them. And as your heart is stirred to love them you'll love the God who gave them to you. How can you thank God for, and pray for, your parents today
  4. Serve Them: Part of honor in Israel's day meant material care and help. This may mean major sacrificial service. Or it may mean you climb up the rickety latter to put the star on the Christmas tree instead of letting your mom do it. What's one practical way you can serve them this week?
  5. Listen to Them: One of the greatest ways you can honor them is by asking them for input, opening up your life, and leaning forward. They'll feel honored as you invite them into your life and you'll benefit from their wisdom.

And remember, "mothers" and "fathers" in ancient Israel could be spiritual parents, not just natural parents. Do you have people who have invested into your life? Do you have a close mentor? Then honor them as well! Together, as we honor our parents, we'll grow up more and more into the image of our Heavenly Father.