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5 Steps to Being on Mission


For some people, sharing the gospel seems like an intimidating task. “Who do I share with? How will they respond? What do I share?” Pastor Todd shares 5 Steps to Being on Mission that are attainable for everyone. Take heart Christian! Sharing the gospel is not as scary as you think. Take a look below and ask yourself, "Where am I at in these 5 steps?" We encourage you to take practical steps in your everyday life to partner with the work God is doing around you.

5 Steps to Being on Mission:

1. Identify your mission field

Your mission field is where you live and do life with those who don’t know Jesus. So the question is not “am I called to a mission field” but “how do I engage the mission field God has already given me?” Below are some examples of mission fields in our lives:

  • Your workplace

  • Your neighborhood,

  • Kid’s activity groups

  • The gym, and many more

2. Be known as a Christian  

We want to relate who we are to why we are. There are plenty of nice people in our world, but we want to connect the way we love and care for people to the love of Jesus. Below are some examples of how we can be known as Christians: 

  • When asked about your week or weekend tell people about church or community group, befriending the friendless, not participating in gossip, speaking well of others behind their backs, comforting others in distress

3. Form friendships with people who don’t know Jesus

Pray and ask God to reveal these people to you. What are some ways we can do this? 

  • Get to know people, remember details about their lives and bring them up in future conversations, invite people to lunch and outings, and have longer conversations that are beyond “news, weather, sports.

4. Be equipped for the mission 

Notice this is not at the beginning of the list! Many times Christians delay in telling others about Jesus, but if we form relationships with people we can learn how to care and love them better. Below are ways this might play out:

  • Study the Bible: you never know how what you’ve read in your quiet time can impact someone. We need to know how to apply God’s word to others' need for the gospel.

  • Listen and learn to ask questions! This will help shape your care, prayers, and love towards others in a meaningful way. 

  • Example: Your neighbors do not have a personal relationship with Jesus, but grew up Catholic. You may need to learn about Catholicism so that you can share the life-giving news of the Gospel with them.

5. Apply Biblical truth to people’s needs

As you form relationships, sin, and crisis will create a need in people’s lives that as a Christian friend you will be able to help them see their need for the gospel. People will turn to those who have shown an interest in them as a person. We want to be those Christians people turn to. You may see this in times of sickness, relationships/marriage/parenting, or personal crisis. 

There are opportunities all around you every day to be a witness to the gospel. Let us be a church that partners with God’s renewing work of salvation for the city of El Paso and beyond!

John 14:12-14 - “Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever believes in me will also do the works that I do; and greater works than these will he do, because I am going to the Father. “

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