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4 Simple Questions to Share Jesus

4 Simple Questions to Share Jesus2

Jesus prayed to the Father "As you sent me into the world, so I have sent them into the world" (John 17:18). Jesus is saying that just as he was sent to a broken world with a specific mission we too are sent into a broken world with a specific mission. Jesus brought salvation and now our task is proclaiming and pointing to this salvation. 

But on a really practical level, how do we do this? Too often we don't even engage people in conversation, or when we do it's hard to figure out how to bring up our faith. 

This is where I was helped tremendously by some of the thinking of a teacher associated with The Navigators. (I'd credit him but I've been unable to track down the source!) I've taken what I remember of his teaching a reworked it a little for our purposes. Here are four simple questions to help you share your faith. 

  • Ask a General Question: Open up a conversation. Fumble it but open up the conversation. Ask about the weather or holidays or work or whatever.
  • Ask a specific question: Take an interest in them “Oh do you enjoy the holidays?” or “What are your favorite activities as a family?” or “That sounds tough how do you keep going?”
  • Ask a general spiritual question: “Have you ever been to church?” or "Why'd you stop going to church?" or “Do you think things happen for a reason?" or "Do you consider yourself a spiritual person? What does that look like?"
  • Ask a specific spiritual question : “Have you ever heard how Jesus helps people in suffering?” or “Have you ever heard the reason behind Christmas?” or "Can I share something from my life that has really helped me there?" 

It's a really simple formula but simple enough to remember. And the other thing to keep in mind is that you may not get to all four of these questions in just one conversation. Perhaps in talking to a co-worker or fellow student you'll slowly progress through each "stage" as you get to know them. But it's a good framework. 

One last thing: Too many of us (myself included!) are like baseball players waiting for the perfect pitch. We want people to turn to us and say "What must I do to be saved? Can you tell me about God??" And that rarely happens. But people do have questions and many are more than willing to discuss where they're at spiritually.

So our task is less like baseball and more like soccer. In soccer the goal is simple: kick the ball a little closer to the goal every time. Of course there's lots of strategy but the concept is so simple. Sharing our faith is like that. In every conversation we want to kick the ball a little further and a little further--getting to know people, understanding where they're at spiritually, and sharing Jesus as God gives opportunity. 

You are a sent one. Now go kick the ball down the field a little.