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3 Reasons to Come to the Church History Seminar

Why come to a seminar on Church History (of all things)?

Next week on August 22nd we have the privilege of hosting our friend Ray Lowe, a pastor based in the UK that works with the Newfrontiers family of churches, for a church history seminar. Wondering whether to come? Here are a few reasons I think you should join us.  

1. Deepening Your Faith

As we explore some of the major players of church history we'll find a new appreciation for their insights about the Christian Faith. As we see their writings and theology in their cultural context we'll better understand and be equipped to study. 

2. Finding Encouragement In Your Circumstances

As we see the failures and triumphs of the saints before us we'll be encouraged that God can use imperfect people in powerful ways. As we see their faithfulness and perseverence we'll be encourage to run the race of our faith well. 

3. Having a Ton of Fun

Ray Lowe has an infectious passion for life and ministry and these talks will be interesting and engaging. These won't be dry and dusty talks, but talks filled with warmth and humor. We'll have coffee in the morning and then end with a Q&A session over lunch. (Yes, that's a free lunch we've just thrown in there!) 

I hope you'll make plans to join us! 

Click here to register.

Note regarding childcare: If you would require childcare in order to be able to attend the seminar please register using the link above or sign up on Sunday and indicate that. It's our hope to be able to provide childcare for those that need it. Please let us know and we'll be in touch with details.