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10 Reasons to Join a Community Group

Doesn’t it sound fun to show up at someone’s house you’ve never been to before and spend an hour and half talking to perfect strangers?

No? Well, that may be exactly what joining a Community Group sounds like to you if you’ve never been part of one before. Or maybe you’ve even had a bad or weird experience in a small group at another church and are hesitant to try it again.

I won’t lie to you: joining a group and getting plugged in takes a little time. There’s probably going to be some awkward small talk. Someone may not bring food you like. But we’ve seen that once people plug in with a group it’s a huge encouragement to their walk with Jesus. Little by little the meeting goes from being a meeting with strangers to feeling like family night.

Still on the fence? Here are 10 reasons we’d encourage people to check out a community group.

  1. Because scientists agree that you should. There’s research out there that you as a human being can’t even be familiar with any group larger than 100-150 people (depending on your capacity). We’ve got a few more people than that! So having a place where you can get to know a smaller group of people will go a long way toward helping you feel like you belong.
  2. Because it will help your marriage. We’ve seen that as husbands and wives participate in a group together, it strengthens their marriage. Why? Because as they both follow Jesus together it will bring them closer together at the same time. It’s easier for couples to be unity when they’re walking in the same direction.
  3. Because your kids will thank you. I’m not talking about activities for kids in Community Group (those vary group to group). I mean that as you grow as a follower of Jesus in patience and kindness it will overflow in your family. As your kids see you make time to meet with other believers it shows that what a priority it is for your family. Plus, there’s a good chance there are other parents in your group you can learn from as you raise your kids.
  4. Because your Bible is lonely. If you don’t read the word as much as you should because Bible study intimidates you, a Community Group can help. In our groups we study the Bible together. We use simple, basic questions to help dig in to God’s Word. You’ll be able to apply many of the same principles to your own Bible study.
  5. Because you need a balanced diet. We spend a lot of time in front of our smartphones and TVs taking in the world’s perspective, don’t we? We need space in our lives to take in God’s perspective and Community Group is one way we can do that.
  6. Because you need to rest. Maybe losing half your evening doesn’t feel like “rest” but it can be. Community Group is a time to be refreshed in our souls during a long week. There are many evenings I've thought, "Ugh I don't feel like going to the group tonight" only to find myself strangely refreshed by the time I left.
  7. Because others need you. We believe strongly that every member in the church should use their gifts and minister to others. Community Groups are a perfect place for people to use gifts like encouragement, or hospitality, or administration.
  8. Because you need others. Each of us will face seasons where we need help from others. One family that was part of our group a few years ago told us repeatedly how helpful it was to have us pray for them and bring them meals after they went through a severe trial. We want people part of our church to be known well enough that in a difficult trial others will know how to help them. 
  9. Because it’s a beautiful picture in a conflicted world. We live in a world divided so often by ethnicity or income or preferences. But when we gather together and eat and talk and pray with people only united to us in Christ, it's a miracle. Really, according to Ephesians 4, it’s a powerful picture of the unity of Christ’s church.
  10. Because it’s a brand new 2,000 year old idea. We learn in Acts 2 that the early church gathered sometimes in big groups but often gathered “from house to house.” Especially in America where we often gather in “large groups” we can and should follow the example of the early church and meet from “house to house.”  

So there you have it. You can learn more at our Community Groups page, find a group, and get directions to the next meeting. If you have questions talk to us at the Information Table or email the church. We'd love to do whatever we can to help you get plugged in. 

PS: Not even sure what a “Community Group” is? Here’s our definition: A Community Group is a home fellowship made up of 8-20 people who meet every other week to fellowship, study the Bible, and encourage one another. Our study is usually a passage of Scripture that’s related to what we’re learning on Sunday morning. An average meeting last for an hour and a half and there’s always food involved.