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3 Reasons to Come to the Gospel Parenting Seminar


I'm so excited about parenting seminar coming up soon. We have a wonderful opportunity to learn from Bob Kauflin next month. Bob is a well-known writer and speaker but also someone my wife Jenn and I know personally and who is someone we want to emulate in this area. ...

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Our VISION as a Church

VISIONsermongraphic NOT for posting sermons

This Sunday we’re going to take a short break and launch a five-week mini-series at Cross of Grace on our vision as a church. In the next few weeks, we want to layout where we think God is taking us as a church, what we long to see happen in our city, and how we want to live as a church community. ...

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God at Work in the Broken City


Pastoral resident Andres Contreras shares lessons his church learned during the worst period of violence in Juarez. He encourages us that God can and does work even through hard times to build his church and reach the lost. ...

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6 Ways to Pray for Our City After Tragedy


At times like this fear and anxiety are near but the Lord is at hand. Because he is at hand we can pray. Here are six ways we can begin to pray for ourselves and our city. ...

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6 Ways to Love Your Neighbor in the Aftermath of the Shooting


It seems surreal that it was only a few days ago that a gunman opened fire in El Paso. On Monday I had to go back to the store. Next week our boys are going back to school. We are here for a reason as disciples of Jesus and one of our tasks is to love our neighbors well in a way that serves them and points them to Jesus. But how do we do that? ...

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Quick Ideas for a Christ-Centered Easter

easter ideas

With Easter approaching, here are some easy ways to make your family celebrations Christ-centered to share the truth, hope, and joy we find in Him. ...

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Soundtracks for our Isaiah Series


Playlists to pair up with our sermon series on Isaiah ...

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Our 2019 Sermon Series on Isaiah

Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 11.53.23 PM

We're about to embark on a one year journey through the book of Isaiah. Over the next year most of our preaching will focus on this book and even our worship and liturgy will be shaped by this book. Before we jump in, I want to answer a big question: "Why Spend a Year in Isaiah?"...

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Jesus Perfect Family Series (and 5 Ways to Apply It)


We all feel pressure to be perfect around the holidays, but none of us are. The good news is that Jesus' family is made of imperfect people like us. And as a result, we should invite in others and care for them the way Jesus has cared for us. ...

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Christmas Family Time Ideas

Christmas Family time Ideas2

Christmas is a time of great joy with family and friends, time spent relaxing and away from the normal grind the air seems fresher, the people seem nicer, the stores are open longer hours, holiday greetings flow as easily as the eggnog, and there is cheer all around. However, for some people, Christmas is a time of anxiety and comparison. There may even be a sense of gui...

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