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Gospel Resources for the Midst of a Pandemic

gospel resources for pandemic

In the midst of a very tumultuous season, our hearts can grow restless and our minds wander into all sorts of questions: "Will my family be ok? Will they be safe from the Coronavirus? Will I be able to keep my job? Are we going to be financially stable?" If we are not careful, our anxious hearts can lead us to doubts and fears. How then, are we to respond? Where do we go f...

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Coronavirus Church Update and Plans

Copy of Member Update Email

As I'm sure you're well aware, the coronavirus continues to spread in many parts of the US, resulting in many churches canceling gatherings or changing the way they meet. We've been monitoring this situation and want to give you an update on our current plans (though we're very aware that this is changing rapidly). We don't want to give in to panic or anxiety but we do wan...

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Church Service Update

Copy of Member Update Email

These are extraordinary times. It feels like everything in life has changed in just a few days -- everything from our workplace to getting groceries to visiting friends to plans to even gathering as a church. ...

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Kids Ministry Update


Ricky shared a few challenges our church is facing regarding our volunteer base and the variety of factors that contribute to them. Our Kids Ministry is facing the most significant problem, so here is the appeal we believe we need to make right now: If your kids are benefitting from Kids Ministry, we are appealing for your help in the ministry. ...

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Gospel Culture 101 - An Invitation

When the gospel changes lives and brings people together it creates a gospel culture. It transforms our relationships, families, and churches. It creates a culture of unity, grace, love, and hope flowing from the gospel. Whether you've been a Christian for a month, a year, or a decade, this is a class worth taking. ...

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Who Cares? - A Sermon Mini-Series

who cares blog banner

Everyone needs care. Everyone is called to care for others. Join us for a sermon mini-series this January on why God has called us to care for people around us and how to do it well. Whether you're feeling fainthearted, stuck, or weak, God has help for you in his word. ...

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An Invitation to Our Emerging Leaders Course

Development Course

Do you want to grow in your understanding of the Bible and theology so you can make an impact in your family, church, and world? Then consider joining us for this 12 month study program. ...

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Vision Homework, Week 3: Identity as Witnesses


As disciples of Christ, we are called to go out and make disciples. We are surrounded by countless opportunities to obey this commandment daily. The Lord has given each of us spheres of influence (family, workplace, neighborhood, etc.) in which we can preach the gospel. God has sovereignly ordained even the time and place in which each of us is born (Acts 17:26). Therefore...

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Vision Homework, Week 1: Identity as Disciples


Write out your testimony. It can be as short as a paragraph or as long as a page. This exercise has the intention to help you think about what elements are needed to be included in your testimony. A testimony of your conversion is the telling of the story of how you were reconciled to God through the Gospel. It is recounting how the Gospel has transformed your life. Writi...

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Vision Homework, Week 2: Identity as Family


Spiritual gifts are given to the members of Christ's church for the purpose of edification of its edification. The Bible teaches that every believer in Jesus Christ has received a spiritual gift to serve in building up the church. There are a variety of spiritual gifts described in the Bible (Romans 12:6-8; 1 Corinthians 12:8-12), but they can be grouped into two groups, s...

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