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The Righteous Shall Live By Faith


In Pastor Ricky's sermon on Habakkuk 2:2-5 entitled "Living When You Don't Understand" he focuses in on verse 4 "...but the righteous shall live by faith". To help us better understand exactly what that means, we asked four of our senior saints three specific questions: What are some of the major challenges you've faced in your life (i.e. losing a spouse, losing job, ch...

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Even If... - Our sermon series on the book of Habbakuk


The small book of Habbakuk transforms us from being a “What if?” people to being an “Even if” people. It takes us from being a worried people wondering what will happen next, to a people confident that even if the worst happens we are secure because God is in control. ...

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Gospel Culture 101 - An Invitation

When the gospel changes lives and brings people together it creates a gospel culture. It transforms our relationships, families, and churches. It creates a culture of unity, grace, love, and hope flowing from the gospel. Whether you've been a Christian for a month, a year, or a decade, this is a class worth taking. ...

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Who Cares? - A Sermon Mini-Series

who cares blog banner

Everyone needs care. Everyone is called to care for others. Join us for a sermon mini-series this January on why God has called us to care for people around us and how to do it well. Whether you're feeling fainthearted, stuck, or weak, God has help for you in his word. ...

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Our VISION as a Church

VISIONsermongraphic NOT for posting sermons

This Sunday we’re going to take a short break and launch a five-week mini-series at Cross of Grace on our vision as a church. In the next few weeks, we want to layout where we think God is taking us as a church, what we long to see happen in our city, and how we want to live as a church community. ...

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Soundtracks for our Isaiah Series


Playlists to pair up with our sermon series on Isaiah ...

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Our 2019 Sermon Series on Isaiah

Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 11.53.23 PM

We're about to embark on a one year journey through the book of Isaiah. Over the next year most of our preaching will focus on this book and even our worship and liturgy will be shaped by this book. Before we jump in, I want to answer a big question: "Why Spend a Year in Isaiah?"...

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What Jesus Did Next - Our Fall Sermon Series

When Jesus ascended into heaven the story wasn’t over. Luke wrote a gospel that bears his name as well as the book of Acts. Luke said that the gospel was all about what “Jesus began to do and teach” (1:1) with the clear implication that Jesus’ work continued in the book of Acts. In this sermon series on Acts 3-12, we’ll walk through the story of how the message a...

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Jonah and Jesus: On Mission in the Old Testament

JONAH slide-2

How well do we really know the book of Jonah or the prophet for whom it is named? Do we know why he was in the belly of the great fish? Do we know what the theme of the book is? Do we even care? Does it even matter to us today? Isn’t that the Old Testament, and we are under the new covenant? My hope and prayer is that through this study we can answer those questions over...

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The Bible vs. Grumbling

We all feel the pull in our hearts toward grumbling. If we're to turn away from that we need to turn somewhere else: the word of life. ...

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Next Sermon Series: The God of Chance

Where is God when we look around and can't seem to see him anywhere? That's the question the book of Esther tackles, and the question we'll explore together. ...

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4 Simple Questions to Share Jesus

4 Simple Questions to Share Jesus2

Jesus prayed to the Father "As you sent me into the world, so I have sent them into the world" (John 17:18). But on a really practical level, how do we do this? Too often we don't even engage people in conversation, or when we do it's hard to figure out how to bring up our faith. Here are four questions to help. ...

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8 Practical Ways to Pursue Unity

Untitled design (1)

Last Sunday we heard Jesus pray a unique and powerful prayer: "Holy Father, keep them in your name, which you have given me, that they may be one even as we are one." We learned that the unity of His people is very close to the heart of God. But how do we live out that prayer in practical unity?...

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Resources for Christian Exiles in America

In light of the message today I want to give you a bundle of digital resources and encourage you to drink a coffee with a good Christian brother or sister. These are things I've found helpful as I've prepared and hope will equip you to think biblically about politics, our country, and the kingdom of Jesus. ...

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The Beginning of Wisdom and the Bible on Your Shelf


Proverbs says that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. This means that getting time with God is one of the most practical things we can possible do. Here are some suggestions. ...

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Praying for Paris & The Coming Kingdom

Here is a prayer offered in light of Friday's tragedy in Paris and Sunday's message: The Lord reigns, let us rejoice, mourn, and long for his return. ...

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Give Me Life - a new sermon & study series

When you think about reading the Bible, what's your honest reaction? Discouragement? Confusion? Obligation? This is David's reaction: "Give me life in your ways!" (Ps 119:37) Join us for this preaching and study series on finding life in the pages of Scripture. ...

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5 Ways to Honor Your Parents

How can you practically honor your parents? Here are five suggestions ...

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Back Into the 10 Commandments

Like the Israelites Christ has set us free from slavery, but how should we live? God calls his people not to return to spiritual slavery but instead live joyful and holy lives under the freedom of his good rule. Along the way God provides help for everything from marriage to possessions to anger and envy. ...

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Why We're Taking a Detour

We're changing the next three weeks of our preaching schedule to focus on mission in everyday life and through community groups. And we want you to come to this series not as a spectator, but as a player. Here's why. ...

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Ever Get Stuck While Reading the Old Testament?

On Sunday we took a different approach to our Sunday Message and dug into the question, "How do we explore passages like Exodus on our own in daily Bible reading?" I suggested three simple questions that can be used profitably for any Bible passage and also recommended some resources to give deeper into Bible interpretation....

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New Miniseries: How the Gospel Shapes Our Homes

Let's face it: outside of work we live most of our lives within the four walls of our homes. Our most precious and important relationships are often within those walls. We make most our our decisions about money, possessions, time, and priorities in the home. This month we'll look at how the gospel transforms our lives by transforming our homes. ...

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