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Date Night Ideas

Missed our list of suggest El Paso date nights? Check them out below ...

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Why Join a Community Group? Four Reasons


Wondering whether to jump in to a community group this year? Here are four reasons why we think you should jump onboard. ...

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Armor of God Prayer


Last week as we studied the Armor of God, we saw that Ephesians 6:10-20 was written to the corporate church, not just individual Christians. This morning we want to pray for each piece of the armor you’ve given us as a church family. ...

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Resources on the Doctrine of Sovereign Grace


New to terms like "Reformed" or "election" or "sovereignty"? Here are a few places to start exploring. ...

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The Spirit and the Gifts are Ours -- Resource List


Christ not only gives us the gift of salvation, he continues giving gifts. How can we receive with gratefulness the gift of the Spirit and his gifts? Here is some recommended reading. ...

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Border Relief Prayer and Help

As a church we care deeply about our El Paso community and see being on the border as being a wonderful blessing. We love La Frontera. As the situation at the border is being seen by many in the US, you may be wondering "How can I help?" Here are two simple ways: ...

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5 Steps to Being on Mission


For some people, sharing the gospel seems like an intimidating task. “Who do I share with? How will they respond? What do I share?” Pastor Todd shares 5 steps to being on mission that are attainable for everyone. Take heart Christian! Sharing the gospel is not as scary as you think. Take a look below and ask yourself, where am I at in these 5 steps? We encourage you to...

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The Song of the Lamb (Summary of Revelation)


Revelation tells one epic story from start to finish. It's a story of loss and sin and judgment. It's a story of renewal and salvation and glory. It's a story of dragons and beasts and lions and thrones. No summary is sufficient, but this is the song of the Lamb. ...

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Revelation Wrap Up & End-Time Views


As our series in Revelation concludes here are some final thoughts on various end-time views as well as resources for further study. ...

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Answering the Accuser


On Sunday we talked about how when the accuser threatens us we respond with the blood of the lamb. As we connect our lives to the truths of the gospel we find a profound and unshakeable hope. ...

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