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Get Your Official Church Merch!


Have you always wanted a way to represent the church with a shirt or cap? Well now's your chance!...

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An Important Update to the Lord's Supper and Livestream Services

lords supper

We are making room for those who cannot attend in-person to participate in the Lord’s Supper, under the direction of the elders, alongside with those in the in-person gatherings. Here are a few practical ways to participate in communion over our livestream services. ...

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Read the Bible With Us in 2020

read your bible

Want to grow in your faith in 2020? Join us in reading the Bible together in 2020. We'll get a little help with some free resources. ...

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Resources on Justice, Racism, Unity, and Hope

That they belong to God

We want to encourage our whole church to spend time in the Word of God, with key passages and messages that can help inform our understanding of the world around us....

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Marriage and Parenting in Quarantine is Tough, This Can Help


Ricky and Joe talk about the need for help in the areas of marriage and parenting during quarantine and offer a free resource from the church that can help! ...

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The Righteous Shall Live By Faith


In Pastor Ricky's sermon on Habakkuk 2:2-5 entitled "Living When You Don't Understand" he focuses in on verse 4 "...but the righteous shall live by faith". To help us better understand exactly what that means, we asked four of our senior saints three specific questions: What are some of the major challenges you've faced in your life (i.e. losing a spouse, losing job, ch...

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Even If... - Our sermon series on the book of Habbakuk


The small book of Habbakuk transforms us from being a “What if?” people to being an “Even if” people. It takes us from being a worried people wondering what will happen next, to a people confident that even if the worst happens we are secure because God is in control. ...

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Gospel Resources for the Midst of a Pandemic

gospel resources for pandemic

In the midst of a very tumultuous season, our hearts can grow restless and our minds wander into all sorts of questions: "Will my family be ok? Will they be safe from the Coronavirus? Will I be able to keep my job? Are we going to be financially stable?" If we are not careful, our anxious hearts can lead us to doubts and fears. How then, are we to respond? Where do we go f...

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Coronavirus Church Update and Plans

Copy of Member Update Email

As I'm sure you're well aware, the coronavirus continues to spread in many parts of the US, resulting in many churches canceling gatherings or changing the way they meet. We've been monitoring this situation and want to give you an update on our current plans (though we're very aware that this is changing rapidly). We don't want to give in to panic or anxiety but we do wan...

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Church Service Update

Copy of Member Update Email

These are extraordinary times. It feels like everything in life has changed in just a few days -- everything from our workplace to getting groceries to visiting friends to plans to even gathering as a church. ...

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